Some Questions Answered


Question:      Can we visit Sabai to inspect the accommodation before we make a booking?

Answer:         You are welcome to inspect our facilities at any time, we only ask that you contact us to make a time.

Question:      Is Sabai Cattery in a quiet location?

Answer:         Yes, Sabai cattery is set on 5 acres in the rural environment of James Creek and is very peaceful and quiet.

Question:      Is there plenty of space for my cat to move around and will it have a window?

Answer:         The accommodation units are very generous and all rooms have a window with a ledge for puss to lounge on. All the suites are proper rooms (not cages) with the same floor to ceiling height as a house. (see the accommodation page for some pictures)

Question:      Is there an exercise area and a place for pusses to sun themselves?

Answer:         All the guests have access to the secure outside recreation and play area.

Question:      Are there scratching posts and toys?

Answer:         Every unit is provided with a scratching post and the facility has an extensive range of toys and amusements to keep puss entertained during its stay.

Question:      What type of food do you feed guests?

Answer:         All the guests are fed exactly the same diet as they receive at home (this service is included in the price). We find that it is far less stressful on puss if his/her diet is not changed, because we all know how fussy cats are about what they eat.

Question:      Is the facility clean and does it smell fresh?

Answer:         The cattery - and the property it is located on - is kept in immaculate condition. The cattery building has a “high-tech” seamless non slip epoxy flooring (the same as is used in modern nursing homes and hospitals) that is washed regularly and the individual units are subject to daily cleaning and maintenance. The cattery has a purpose built utility room for food preparation. At Sabai hygiene and cleanliness goes hand in hand with our guests comfort.

Question:      Is Cats Only boarding preferable to a general pet boarding facility?

Answer:         All cat owners know how particular cats are about their surroundings and keeping stress levels to a minimum is really important. The sound and smell of dogs (nice as they are) can cause considerable stress to a cat so when puss stays with us at Sabai the only thing they will hear and smell is other cats.

Question:      Can I bring toys?

Answer:         We have lots of cat toys but if puss has something that it can’t live without you are welcome to bring it along.

Question:      Should I bring bedding?

Answer:         We provide all the necessary cat comforts like baskets bedding and pillows but if puss has a special security blanket you are welcome to bring it along (we only ask that, for the comfort and safety of all our guests you make sure it is clean and flea free).

Question:      Can you pick my cat up from home and deliver my cat back to me?

Answer:         We are happy to come and get your cat/s and deliver them home to you for a nominal transport fee, if you require this service please ask so we can make a suitable arrangement.

Question:     Why does my cat have to be vaccinated?

Answer:         All cats must be vaccinated to stay at Sabai and we must see a F3 vet certificate that tells us when it was done so we can be sure. The reason is to keep all our guests safe from the spread of common feline diseases like cat flu.

Question:     Does my cat have to be desexed?

Answer:         Yes all adult cats must be desexed to stay at Sabai.

Question:      I have a kitten that is too young to be desexed, can I baord it with Sabai?

Answer:         Yes we will take young cats that are under the age to be desexed (up to about 5 months old).


If you have any questions that are not answered here or would like more information please don’t hesitate to  CONTACT us.


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