Sabai Cattery is a modern well ventilated purpose built cats only boarding facility. Each of the 20 spacious, well-ventilated, individual suits are fully insulated and have a solid block wall between each room for the ultimate in privacy and comfort. Every suite has an elevated sleeping area with a window and a scratching pole and plenty of toys. All our guests have access to the enclosed out door area so your cat can have outdoor time and enjoy the sun. Lots of play time, interesting toys and comfy pillows awaits your cat at Sabai cattery. (see the gallery at the bottom of this page for pictures)

All the suites are bright and cheerful and they are fully insulated for extra comfort with 24 hour music. All our guests get lots of attention and human company throughout the day.

Just like cats, all catteries are not the same and there are many things to consider when choosing a facility to look after your cat and many people have separation anxiety just thinking about boarding their cat. At Sabai we make it our business to reduce your and your cats’ anxiety so that hopefully we will put you at ease that puss is in good hands. We want you to be able to relax on your holiday and not have to worry about whether puss is OK so we make sure that all your cats need are met so that its holiday is as good as yours.


Diet and Food

Diet is a very important aspect to your cat settling in to a new environment. Cats are creatures of habit and like as few changes as possible so we do not change your cat's diet and where possible feed the same brand as you give them at home. By doing this we are able to help puss settle in and by feeding the same diet your cat is used to at home the transition from home to cattery and back home again will go smoothly. If your cat is on a vet prescription diet you are welcome to supply their food.



Vaccinations are essential and we will need to see a current F3 vaccination certificate from a registered vet before your cat can be admitted into the cattery. They must have been vaccinated in the last 12 months and please note if your cat has not been vaccinated before it will take 2 weeks for full immunity to take place so make sure that you give yourself enough time to get puss ready for its stay.


Medication and Special needs

If your cat has medication or special need please let us know when booking there is no additional cost to administer medication.


Vet Care

We have a close relationship with all the local vets who are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we can refer you to them for any care your cat may need. In the event of an unexpected emergency while staying with us we will take you cat to your nominated vet at your expense.

See the Frequently Asked Question page for more information about Sabai.

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Secure outdoor area

Access from the cattery to the secure outdoor area.

Central isle

Central isle leading to outdoor enclosure

Accomodation unit

View of an accommodation suite

Window with a view

Every accommodation unit has a window with a view.

Out door area

Secure out door area

Do not disturb

Do not disturb!


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